Little planets Riviera Maya

By: Ketzal

little planets nft art
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Jump into the future without forgetting the past

Are you ready to enjoy breathtaking aerial views that will leave you speechless? Introducing Ketzal, our exclusive collection of 360° photos taken with state-of-the-art drones that will take you on a virtual journey in the heights.Captured between 100 and 500 meters in altitude, these photos showcase the beauty and wonders of our world from a bird’s-eye view. What sets our collection apart is the cutting-edge software used to edit these photos, multiplying their pixels by 10 and producing astonishing detail and clarity, allowing you to take an immersive journey with each photo. And the best part? You can personalize each NFT with your own immersive experience thanks to the innovative “zoom in” art feature, making each one a truly unique and unrepeatable experience.But that’s not all: each NFT in our collection also contains surprises and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. With each one, you’ll embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

little planets nft art
nft gallery, nft advisory, virtual exhibition, online exhibition, nft art gallery, nft artworks

Advertising aimed at digital collectors

Freedom of artistic creation

New ways of valuing art

Possibility of marketing digital art at a better cost

Visibility on the Web 3

Secure and professional creation of NFTs

Digital consultancy for artists


Presentation of the collection

The first Ketzal collection is released, creating a new NFT wave with several benefits, sentimental value, stories and new information to discover.


Story behind each NFT

To give more value to each NFT we present the story behind each drone photography so you not only feel identified with it, but with the purpose for which it was created.

Presentation of benefits

Every NFT collection must have benefits, these will be presented exclusively by the creator of the collection, soon you will be able to give more value to your NFT.


Artist interview

24 gallery, is a space where we give importance to each artistic work, in this case the drone photography of Ketzal, preparing a safe space of expression is part of our values. Soon you will know more about LP-RM.

Marketplaces extension

We know that great NFT collections must be in several places so you can find them in your favorite marketplaces.


Whitelist giveaway

For all the fans of this collection, soon you can be part of a limited group of people and connect with the creator.

Collection expansion

Little planets Riviera Maya was created to stay in the market, that’s why there are more NFTs, new unique drone photography coming soon.

More to be announced…


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